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Mi-Fire - Large BBQ - Black 

The Mi-Fire BBQ is a 3 in 1 state-of-the-art barbeque, rotisserie and outdoor fireplace. Easily wheeled around your yard or deck. It can be quickly transformed from a fireplace into a cooking area, with either barbequing or rotisserating meat.

Made from thick steel and then enamel coated, this beautiful product comes with an integrated chimney, allowing the smoke and smells to be disapated into the air. It comes with all the attachements required to turn it into a fire or grill.

The chimney section is detachable allowing for winter storage inside.

The dimensions of the fire box is approximately 600 x 600mm. While the grilling area, which is made from stainless steel has a diameter of 560mm and can rotate.

The rotisserie comes a stainless steel rod which can hold the largest chicken or cut of meat. It also comes with a drip tray to collect all the juices. 
The outdoor fire comes with its own fence so that ashes and sparks don`t come out of the fire.

Outdoors Living BBQ

SKU: 364215376135191
  • SKU 401-BBQ-L-BLK
    Item  Mi-Fire - Large BBQ - Black 
    Material Steel (enamelled on both side)
    Fuel Wood and Charcoal
    Fire box dimensions Approx. 600 x 600mm
    Grilling dimensions Ø 560mm
    Grill Material Stainless Steel
    Weight 120 Kg
    Wheels 4 Rollers (2 fixed, 2 rotating)
    Dimension (W x D x H) 810 x 810 x 2350 mm


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