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The Perfect Gift...

Are you or someone you know getting married? Want to start married life with a beautiful new stove. Why not ask your guests to help cover the cost?

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How it works:

1. Choose a stove.

2. Receive a free no obligation quote. 

3. We will set up a wedding page for you where your guests can visit and if they want can help pay towards your purchase as a wedding gift.

4. We will send you a wedding email every time a guest sends a gift your way.

5. On the cut off date we will send you an email with the amount reached towards your purchase the amount of discount given and the total needed to be paid.

6. Once the stove is paid for a date is made for fitting.

7. On completion rest of payment will be required.

8. As well as your discount you will get a 30% discount Voucher on your first service.

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